Mexicana, 24 años, amante de la música, devoradora de libros, súper fan de Chelsea FC // Mexican, female, 24 years old, music lover, book-eater, Chelsea FC super fan. Do you have any question or just want to say random things? Feel free to do it! ♥


Wasn’t puberty supposed to make me hot

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One day Chelsea will be able to put together two good halves of football. One day. Just have to wait for it.


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Footballers are so cute I want one

First Chelsea goal for Cesc Fàbregas (assist by Hazard)

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the Ancient Greeks, probably (via witchyroryy)

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You know what would make this vase better? Painting pictures of orgies on it that’s what.
Chelsea 1 - 1 Schalke (UEFA Champions League, 17.09.14)

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I’m getting really tired of this comentators calling Eden “Edín Hazard”, seriously annoying

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